Every once in a while … maybe once in a lifetime … you come across an inanimate object that you know could truly change your life.

This ad, and this truck, is one of those times.

We can truly see ourselves traveling the continent, from sea to shining sea, is this glorious piece of Ford Motor Co. engineering. We’d also love to salute the camper company, but we can’t tell who it is and the ad only says “old overhead camper.” That’s good enough for us.

For an asking price of only $4,000, this spectacular 183,080-mile rig, complete with rebuilt V-8 power, new hoses, radiator, carburetor and “good battery”, can be yours. If we could somehow get lucky enough to own it, we wouldn’t change a thing.

Just judging by the sketchy surroundings alone (somewhere near Santa Fe, N.M), we know we were meant to have it.

Owning the old Ford pickup by itself, in all its turquoise-and-primer glory, would make our lives complete. Getting the camper thrown in as part of the deal … it’s why we go to church on Sunday.

Go ahead, check it out on Craigslist,




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