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WANTED: High-quality car shots for our 2020 Reader Rides Calendar

WANTED: High-quality car shots for our 2020 Reader Rides Calendar

December 11, 2018


Would you like to see your vehicle pictured in the 2020 Old Cars Weekly Reader Rides collector calendar?

The Old Cars Weekly staff invites readers to submit digital images, color slides or transparencies of their vehicles for use in our 2020 calendar. Your vehicle just might be included among the 13 (one cover and 12 monthly) that make the final cut.

How and what to submit

Our typical submission pile will be reduced to 13 finalists. Various criteria are used in eliminating images not used. Often these involve avoiding duplication of marque, model, color or era and have nothing to do with the quality or composition of the images presented. The following are “do’s and don’ts” to help you prepare a winning submission:

  1. We can only use high-quality, color slides/transparencies or digital submissions of collector vehicles from every era of manufacture through 1990. Please note that snapshots, photocopies, drawings, paintings, or any media other than color slides/transparencies or digital images cannot be considered due to quality issues. Also, do not submit a slide made from a photograph; the resulting image is too grainy when enlarged to calendar page size.
  2. In making the selections, emphasis will be placed on vehicles of American manufacture, but outstanding examples of widely collected imported marques will also be considered.
  3. Each submission should depict a single, completely stock, unmodified from factory original vehicle (no shots with multiple vehicles) with no visible objects mounted on the dashboard or suspended from the rearview mirror, and should contain no people, pets, trophies or window stickers.
  4. Each vehicle should be photographed against a pleasant and appropriate, non-distracting background.

Tips of what NOT to do with taking photos.

We ask that you indicate whether or not you are willing to allow us to make our own copies to keep on file for other than calendar use. Such uses might include book and periodical covers, color plates, catalogs, show posters, newsletters and promotional materials, among others.

Owners of the vehicles depicted in the calendar will be identified, and each will receive a free copy of the 2020 calendar. Each submission should be accompanied by the name(s), address, and phone number of the owner(s), as well as the year, marque, model and body type of the vehicle depicted. To be considered, all submissions must be received in our office by March 1, 2019.

Digital Submission Requirements


The images should be 300 dpi (about 3 MB or larger) and saved as a jpg, tiff or raw image. The image should be as large as possible — at least the width of the calendar. The image can be 72 dpi (which is a primary default), but at that resolution it has to be very big. Once converted to 300 dpi, a 72-dpi image will be one-quarter the size submitted. Example: If the image at 72 dpi is 12 inches wide, and is converted up to 300 dpi, the photo will be 3 inches wide and too small to use.

Digital submissions can be made via e-mail (oldcars@krause.com) or sent on CD/DVD. All digital submissions must have the year/make/model and owner’s name in its subject line to be considered for publication.

Send submissions to:
Old Cars Weekly
2020 Calendar
5225 Joerns Drive
Suite 2
Stevens Point, WI 54481

or email to:

Remember to include your name, contact information and a brief description of your car.

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