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The Rambler Gallery to reopen on November 29th

The Rambler Gallery to reopen on November 29th

November 26, 2019


After two months being closed, the Rambler Gallery at the Kenosha History Center will be reopened on Black Friday: November 29, 2019. The Kenosha History Center extends their heartfelt thanks to their members, patrons, community, and partners for their help in recovering from the effects of a historic rainfall.

The Rambler Gallery is reopening in style. There will be a reveal of two newly constructed exhibits—the AMC Design Studio and Kenosha Engine—and a new set of cars.

The AMC Design Studio features two clay concept models by a team of former AMC designers including Vince Geraci, Frank Pascoe, Bob Bristow, and the late Keith Goodnough. Imagine an AMC Marlin designed for the 2000s. The exhibit takes a look at the design side of Kenosha’s automotive history.

The new Kenosha Engine exhibit is the first dedicated exhibit on the impact of engine manufacturing in Kenosha, from Jeffery to Chrysler. The engine plant was the last vestige of Kenosha’s rich automotive history, and generous donations of artifacts, photographs, and textual materials from Kenosha UAW Local 72 have allowed The Kenosha History Center to give Kenosha’s engines a worthy treatment.

Patrons can view a selection of rare Kenosha automobiles, including a Nash Pickup—they didn’t make many—and the one-of-a-kind 1972 Gremlin “Voyageur”. We are very thankful to our friends in the Nash and AMC community for allowing us to show such rare vehicles.

The Kenosha History Center is open weekly, Tuesday – Friday 10am-4:30pm, Saturday 10am-4pm, and Sunday noon-4pm. Please note that the museum will be closed on Thanksgiving Day.



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