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Senator helps hot rodders in Wisconsin vehicle equipment case

Senator helps hot rodders in Wisconsin vehicle equipment case

May 30, 2019


The ticketed ’32 Ford that was in the middle of the discussion.


After hearing that hot rodders in the Dodgeville, Wis., area had received tickets or 10-day fix-it notices about driving cars such as a 1932 Ford coupe without a hood or fenders, an enthusiast from the Milwaukee/Waukesha area contacted his Senator’s office in the Milwaukee suburb of Delafield, about the problem.

He was told that Wisconsin State Senator Chris Kapenga (R-Senate District 33) was having a “Listening Session” for his constituents and that attending it would be a good way for hot rodders to voice their opinions. This information was posted on the Internet and a group of concerned hot rodders showed up at the Listening Session.

The “Listening Session” also took comments on other voter issues, such as the funding of Special Needs Children programs in a recent Wisconsin state budget.    

The first rodder to voice his opinion about the tickers was informed by Senator Kapenga that the three tickets written out to hot rodders in the Dodgeville area had been dismissed by the District Attorney of Iowa County, Wis., where Dodgeville is located. Because of the dismissal of these tickets, a court hearing on the matter, originally scheduled for June 13, had been cancelled.

Although the tickets were dismissed, it was explained that the owner of the 1932 Ford coupe that was ticketed cannot drive his hot rod until it passes an inspection by a Wisconsin State Patrol trooper.

Senator Kapenga told the hot rodders who came to the Listening Session that he would be willing to help them in any other issues.


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