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Ringbrothers Kills It at SEMA 2022

Ringbrothers Kills It at SEMA 2022

The SEMA Show is a-happening in Vegas at this very moment, and Ringbrothers have unveiled four chariots for the masses. The crowning achievement of the bunch is the Enyo 1948 super truck, a 1948 Chevrolet pickup that has been treated to 10,000 hours of craftsmanship and love. What is the result of their vision and labor? Read on!

First off, stop calling it a truck. While its origins may have been bouncing along the rural roads of Spring Green, for all we know, Enyo 1948 has been given a different mission — one that Ringbrothers characterizes as more of a pipe dream. In fact, they call it an anti-street rod, but there’s nothing anti about Enyo 1948 unless you’re anti-boredom, anti-performance or anti-art.

(Jalopy Jeff Sutton image)

“We have been quietly planning this build for years, imagining and reimagining how it would ultimately take shape,” says Jim Ring, Ringbrothers co-ringleader. “The end result is truly a super truck that brings together two vehicles that should never have met to deliver immense character combined with power and performance usually reserved for today’s most advanced racecars. We’re thrilled to finally be able to share Enyo with the world.”

The Chevy was narrowed and chopped by four inches, lengthened and wedge-cut as it metamorphosed into a new purpose. Ringbrothers’ machining facility helped to seamlessly integrate CAD-designed trim and parts (such as aero and 3K-weave carbon fiber bits, including a single-piece carbon-fiber belly pan) for a more cohesive form than previously seen. The body was then placed on a state-of-the-art chassis designed by Scott Ahlman of Ahlman Engineering. Leading-edge tech suspension design came in the form of a four-wheel cantilever-independent suspension with Ohlins shocks.

(Jalopy Jeff Sutton image)

Power comes from a 510ci V8 marine racer built by Todd Goodwin. With Kinsler eight-stack injection and a Holley fuel management system, 1,000 horsepower is a reality. A hot rod … er, anti-hot rod worth its salt still needs to get its power to the pavement properly, so a Bowler Performance Corvette torque-tube 4L80 automatic transaxle is used — highly unusual for a pickup, but a no-brainer for the build.

Custom HRE Wheels based on Porsche 911 pin-drive wheels plus Brembo GTS M6 six-piston brakes complete the symphony of power and performance. A Nuke Performance air jack system makes street and track wheel swaps a snap.

(Jalopy Jeff Sutton image)

“Ringbrothers is in new territory with four vehicle debuts at this year’s SEMA Show,” says the other Ringbrothers co-ringleader, Mike Ring. “But we are especially excited to share Enyo with the world as our most outrageous build yet. This long-term project really showcases our ability to explore new means of design, engineering and performance within an entirely new realm of challenges and production with our partners. The outcome speaks for itself.”

Check out the gallery below for more pictures of Enyo 1948, plus the Mustang, Camaro and K5 Blazer build that also were unveiled at SEMA.


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