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Mustang design artist, Gale Halderman has died

Mustang design artist, Gale Halderman has died

May 5, 2020


Photo – Ford Motor Co.


The man who sketched the original Ford Mustang has died. Gale Halderman died April 29th at the age of 87 after a battle with liver cancer.

Even though many associate Lee Iacocca as the driving force behind the Ford Mustang, it was Halderman who put the pencil to paper. It has been noted that it was Halderman’s idea to add the iconic scoop to the side profile which defines the Mustang’s styling cues even today.

Fifty-five years later the styling of the Mustang continues to inspire enthusiasts of Ford’s groundbreaking pony car.

Halderman was a loyal Ford employee with over 40 years in its service. Though unassuming and humble, Halderman left his legacy on the car world with the beauty and grace of his timeless rendition of the pony car that changed the automotive world forever.

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