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Kia introduces new Theft Deterrent Device

Kia America announced last week that it is unveiling an additional security measure to support its customers in response to criminals using methods of theft popularized on social media to steal or attempt to steal certain vehicle models. This new hardware modification—an ignition cylinder protector—is designed for the vehicles that are not eligible for the security software upgrade that Kia introduced earlier in 2023 and works to combat theft by reinforcing the ignition cylinder body and preventing its removal through the method of theft promoted in videos that have spread across social media encouraging criminal activity.

This additional modification was available beginning December 20 through a free Customer Satisfaction Initiative for the models that are not eligible for the software upgrade. Following the completion of the installation, each vehicle will be affixed with window decals to inform would-be car thieves that the vehicle is equipped with enhanced theft protection.

In addition to this ignition cylinder protector, Kia has also designed a software upgrade that further enhances a vehicle’s security by restricting the operation of a vehicle’s ignition system should a potential criminal attempt to steal a locked vehicle without the key, and the company continues to strongly encourage eligible customers to have this software upgrade installed. Since January 2023, dealers have installed the anti-theft software upgrade on close to 940,000 vehicles, and Kia has hosted multiple temporary software upgrade clinics to assist local dealers with installation in key cities with many more planned in early 2024.

Kia also continues to provide free steering wheel locks directly to affected owners of vehicles that are not eligible for the software upgrade, and the company is also working with local law enforcement agencies and public officials to distribute them as well. These free steering wheel locks further enhance the vehicle’s security and can serve as a visual deterrent for potential car thieves. To date, Kia has distributed more than 325,000 locks and will continue to provide them as they are needed. Earlier this year, the company also announced an agreement that will allow customers who have been impacted by vehicle thefts to receive additional benefits.

Kia is notifying impacted owners about this new anti-theft Customer Satisfaction Initiative through multiple points of contact with instructions to bring their vehicle to the nearest Kia dealership to have the free ignition protector installed. More information is available at https://ksupport.kiausa.com/ConsumerAffairs/SWLD, where customers can input their vehicle’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to confirm eligibility for the software or protector installation.

Subset of Eligible Vehicles with Key Operated Ignition System:

Kia introduces new Theft Deterrent Device 2011 – 2016 Sportage

 Kia introduces new Theft Deterrent Device 2011 – 2016 Forte

 Kia introduces new Theft Deterrent Device 2010 – 2022 Soul

 Kia introduces new Theft Deterrent Device 2011 – 2021 Rio

Kia introduces new Theft Deterrent Device 2014 Sedona

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