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Decoding 1967 Ford Vehicle Identification Numbers

Isn’t it a bummer when you search high and low all over the Internet for information, just to realize later that the info you settled on referencing was incorrect? Indeed, the Internet is difficult place because often it takes familiarity to weed out the misinformation. So, if you’re interested in Fords and want to learn from the best, you should check out the Yours in old FoMoCo iron… channel on YouTube.

Decoding 1967 Ford Vehicle Identification Numbers

In this episode, Adrian Clements discusses the Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) for 1967 full-size Fords, from the Custom to the LTD plus three models of station wagons. Aside of the VIN that’s attached to the data plate on the driver’s-side door, VINs can be found attached to the passenger-size cowl plus on aprons on both sides of the rear of the front fenders. Additionally, the data plate I mention is not the considered the VIN but, rather, the warranty number. Why is this? The video will lay it out for you.

Adrian also breaks down the 11-digit VIN into five elements:

  • Model year
  • Assembly plant
  • Body serial code
  • Engine code
  • Consecutive unit number

For a few moments of your time, improve your Blue Oval acumen with the above video.

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