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Carlisle Events' special offers in 2020 and beyond

Carlisle Events’ special offers in 2020 and beyond

May 17, 2020


COVID-19 Preventive Measures Being Finalized for Car Show Guests Too

Carlisle, PA – To date in 2020, Carlisle Events has produced two events, while Carlisle Auctions has hosted one auction. Those events happened in January and February, respectively. Since then, the world has changed quite a bit due to COVID-19 and as such, for the first time in Carlisle Events history, car shows have been rescheduled with one (Summer Sale Auction) being canceled.

As the economy, businesses and more specifically car shows look to re-open, Carlisle Events has implemented social distancing measures and recommendations for its guests for at least the 2020 season, while also crafting special offers for customers that are valid for 2020 and carry over to 2021. 

Planned special offers are effective NOW through the MONDAY of each event and include the following:

  1. By phone or online and in ADVANCE ONLY, customers who purchase single day or weekend spectator tickets or the ticket and parking package will be eligible for added DISCOUNT savings. This covers any Carlisle based show for 2020. Those looking to attend can do so as a non-car showing spectator at 25% off listed online ticket pricing. Again, discounts are available in advance by phone or online at CarlisleTickets.com only. A nominal $1 processing fee applies for online orders, but this isn’t just 25% off what a guest would pay for a ticket at the gate, it’s 25% off an already discounted online price point. Spectators will pay full price at the gate and online discounts will no longer be valid beginning Monday of a show week for that particular show.
  2. The season pass, which is valid for all Carlisle promoted events (including those in Florida) will revert to its Holiday Sale price of $71.99 ($69.99 for AACA members) now through the end of the season. In addition, it will include access to events in 2021 spanning January through May. This covers Auto Mania in Allentown, Pennsylvania, Winter AutoFest in Lakeland, Florida, Spring Carlisle, the Spring Carlisle Auction and the Carlisle Import & Performance Nationals. Season passes can be purchased by calling the Carlisle Events offices or online at Store.CarlisleEvents.com.
  3. The aforementioned forms of access will also have a stand-alone no touch point of entry. That means for anyone who has purchased a spectator ticket in advance or comes with a season pass in hand, they’ll be able to park and head on grounds in a convenient and streamlined manner.
  4. A NEW Gate-N-Go discount will be implemented for 2020. This discount historically is offered at 20% during the Holiday Sale and 10% through one month prior to the event. The one-month prior deadline remains, but between now and the deadline, Showfield/Fun Field Flash Sales will pop up online and on social media, giving guests a chance to register for 20% off the standard rate.
  5. Vendors, many of whom attend multiple shows at Carlisle and beyond, will be offered an incentive too. This updated vendor space renewal discount will be available to all vendors renewing during the event. Call 717-243-7855 to learn more.

In addition, for all events on the schedule (including auctions), Carlisle Events/Carlisle Auctions will be proactive from a health, sanitation and social distancing standpoint within the Carlisle PA Fairgrounds and Carlisle Expo Center. Measures are currently being finalized and when complete, will be outlined on CarlisleEvents.com and CarlisleAuctions.com.  In the meanwhile, for the latest CDC guidelines, visit CDC.gov.

 Visit Carlisle Events online today or call 717-243-7855 for details on the upcoming season, links to register, purchase tickets and more.

Carlisle Events is a partner or producer of over a dozen annual collector car/truck events. Events are held at the Carlisle PA Fairgrounds (Carlisle, PA), Allentown Fairgrounds (Allentown, PA), the Sunset Auction Facility (Sarasota, FL) and the SUN ‘n FUN Expo Campus (Lakeland, FL). The season schedule includes four automotive flea markets of varying size, five auctions, as well as individual specialty shows featuring Corvettes, Fords, GMs, Chryslers, trucks, imports, tuners and performance sport compacts. Founded in 1974 by friends Bill Miller and Chip Miller, events hosted at Carlisle attract more than half a million enthusiasts annually from all corners of the globe. More information is available via CarlisleEvents.com or CarlisleAuctions.com

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