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2019 bringing cars to the silver screen

2019 bringing cars to the silver screen

June 7, 2019


As die-hard car junkies we tend to watch movies differently than the general populous. It is amazing how we can be taken away from the movie’s plot in an instant when we spot cool cars in the background. Or better yet, taking an integral role in the movie. We all know the perennial car loving favorites and there is no need to make a top 100 list of them. That has been done to death on pretty much every top-ten click-bait popup on the Internet theses days. Every once in awhile we are thrown a bone, and Hollywood graces us with some high-octane car entertainment. Usually it is an action film with cartoonish cars and cliché catchphrases that leave us rolling our eyes more than enjoying the movie. But that is not always the case.

Sometimes we get lucky and somebody green lights a story about our collective automotive history and we get something that is not only pleasing to the eye, but also satiates our need for recounting automotive stories and mythology. Of course, the movie producers take a heaping helping of liberty with facts while using their artistic licenses to fill seats. Nevertheless, we will wait giddily in anticipation of the director’s take on what supposedly happened, or shake our heads in disbelief from the blatant inaccuracies. Either way it is a ride worth taking. Such is the case with two movies coming out this year, Ford vs. Ferrari and Framing John DeLorean.

Like most people these days who aren’t complete luddites, I am a slave to the marketing machine that makes it impossible to not get drawn into the rabbit hole called Youtube. Eventually my random clicking lands me on upcoming movies trailers. Much to my surprise, there are actual car movies with big named stars in them (i.e. legitimate large budget projects) coming to a theater soon.

The first of these movies that piqued my interest was the documentary picture centered on the life of John Delorean. The flick’s name is Framing John DeLorean, and from the looks of it, Alec Baldwin nails the period look perfectly. I am intrigued on how they are going to tell DeLorean’s story. As a lover of muscle and pony cars I acknowledge that his hands were all over their history. His time with GM, and particularly Pontiac, was monumental in the world of muscle and pony cars. Without DeLorean the GTO would have not existed, and let’s not forget his Corvette (ish) Banshee project that eventually set the groundwork for the Firebird and its 400 c-i-d option. From the trailer I am assuming the movie will more than likely delve into the more scandalous later career centered around his ill-fated DeLorean Motor Company days. Either way count me in for the ride.

It seems the Ford Motor Company will also have its place on the silver screen in 2019 when Ford vs. Ferrari hits screens. With Matt Damon playing the legendary Carroll Shelby and Christian Bale stepping in to play Ken Miles the possibilities are endless. What kind of spin will they put on the two iconic companies going head to head. Ironically, Ford was the giant with the smaller Ferrari doing their own thing quite well. The David vs. Goliath narrative might get flipped on this one. I am anxious to see how this one pans out. The visuals look outstanding. Who doesn’t want to see historic Lemans racing with the GT taking center stage with larger than life personalities driving the storyline?

Automotive mavericks get their time in the spotlight and car lovers are the better for it. Who knows, if the box office makes money in 2019 selling car flicks, the future might get a little more exciting for all of us automotive fanatics. Let’s keep out fingers crossed and hope these movies don’t stink!


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